Increasing Energy Efficiency and Yield

EnergYield is a Carlsbad, CA company founded in 2007 by Robert Hotto, physicist/inventor, with the mission to develop innovative energy applications that make significant performance improvements.

The Technology

The Split Fuel Stream System (SFS) combines a fuel cell and a combustion turbine in a patented configuration to create a hybrid fuel cell/turbine with the following advancements:

  • SFS will provide the highest hydrocarbon to electrical conversion efficiency
  • We estimate efficiencies greater than 70 percent
  • The SFS system will increase the operating life of the fuel cells and maximize the fuel throughput
Fuel Flexibility
  • The SFS is operational with an assortment of hydrocarbon fuels
  • SFS systems can scale from kilo-watt to giga-watt systems
  • The SFS can be used in systems as small as on-board vehicle power units or as large as peaker plants tied to the grid.
  • The SFS cuts hydrocarbon exhaust emissions to a minimum
Fuel Cell Compatibility
  • The SFS is compatible with all fuel cell technologies
  • The SFS enables Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) to operate at significantly lower temperatures.

The net result is a clean energy device with higher efficiency, more resiliency, and lower operational costs


EnergYield is looking for strategic partners to collaborate on development and commercialization of the Split Fuel Stream System. We are looking for partners with expertise in fuel cells, combustion turbines, reformer technology, and gas separation technology.

Contact Info

Technical Development

  • Robert Hotto
  • 858-205-7509
  • Business Development

  • Clint O'Conner